dancing1_.jpg (2427 bytes) dancing1.jpg

Toby, Adam, Poppy Michael, me and Andrew

dancing2_.jpg (3042 bytes) dancing2.jpg

Peter, Liam, me, Andrew

dancing3_.jpg (2822 bytes) dancing3.jpg

Peter, Toby, me, Liam, Andrew

dancing4_.jpg (2402 bytes) dancing4.jpg

me with the band!

dancing5_.jpg (2747 bytes) dancing5.jpg

Part of the train: Daniel, my Dad, me, Zalman (and the band in the background)

dancing6_.jpg (2074 bytes) dancing6.jpg

Tom, Simon, Andrew, Ben, Adam and Les Mill in the circle - me and Zalman spinning round in the middle!

dancing7_.jpg (2696 bytes) dancing7.jpg

Some ladies in the circle: Ruth Kellerman, Evelyn Freeland, Shoshi Kastel, my Mum, Renee Mill, Aunty Lol and Rebbetzin Fruma

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