family1_.jpg (2865 bytes) family1.jpg

Nana Shirley, me and Poppy Michael

family2_.jpg (2958 bytes) family2.jpg

My Dad, me, my Great Grandmother (Nana Felka) and my Mum

family3_.jpg (3409 bytes) family3.jpg

Auntie Linda, Nana Shirley, my Mum and Nana Felka

family4_.jpg (2515 bytes) family4.jpg

Poppy Michael, Nana Shirley, Nana Felka, me and my Mum

family5_.jpg (2906 bytes) family5.jpg

my cousins Talia and Michaela, me, Auntie Manuela and Uncle Ivor

family6_.jpg (2269 bytes) family6.jpg

Poppy Michael, Uncle Peter, Auntie Linda, Nana Shirley, me, my Mum and my Dad

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