Rabbis, family and friends,

My job tonight is a simple one. It is basically to relax, look good for the photos and enjoy the evening. I am not a religious person, but I am a doer. As Fruma once said in a shiur I went to, that women are naturally on a higher spiritual level than men because the physical work they do elevates them spiritually to a higher level than men. Maybe that is why the men have to pray so often, they are trying to catch up to our level.

I am not going to embarrass Jeremy by singing (except one song later tonight for Shula which he has agreed is Ok to do) and I am not going to make a speech because Dennis is the barrister in the family, but I do have the very pleasant task of reading out the good wishes from a few special people and a poem from our very dear friend Dr Martin Adler, who is caring for his sick father and could not be with us tonight.

Before I read the poem I would like to thank Dennis for taking Jeremy to Shule every Friday night and Shabbat for many years, and also for all the shlepping to cheder for years while I had Sunday mornings off. I would also like to thank the Goldbergs & the Brucks who have shared the too-ing and fro-ing from St Ives both from East Ryde and now from East Lindfield, and also the Goldsteins and Geyers who have shared the driving with us this year. I would also like to thank the Barmitzvah breakfast dads who who have shown the boys the cullinary delights of french toast, and the delights of nesquik on just about anything. I would like to thank Renee & Les Mill and family for having had Jeremy numerous times for Shabbat lunch over the last year or two, it has always been an uplifting experience for him. Lastly I would like to thank Zalman for his dedication to the Jewish education of all of our children who are in the public school system. I know of no better Cheder in Sydney than Chabad Hebrew School, and I can say this as a Hebrew teacher myself, that it is one of the most thankless jobs and one of the hardest to do. If all of our children achieve even of what Jeremy has achieved, then our Jewish continuity into the year 2000 and beyond is assured. I am not going to say anything to Jeremy because he’s heard it all before but Martin’s expresses so beautifully the essence of what I think about my son. Thank you "Uncle Marty" for your words today.

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